Hello there!

By making it this far, you’ve indicated that you are seriously contemplating contacting me but either don’t know how to go about the approach, have reservations (as any logical person should!), or just have never seen a companion before. I’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions that I hope will reassure you in taking the first step towards crossing the line between window shopping and an experience of a lifetime.

Seriously though, yes, this is me. Here are the directories that have verified my photos and ID. You can even look over my reviews on some of them below:

Incalls are available near Ft Lauderdale Airport or Las Olas. I do not host at my private home so appointment with at least 2hour advanced notice is required with deposit for me to locate and prepare a hotel room.
* Deposit is 30% of donation+hotel rate.

* If you cannot do incall near me and cannot host for outcall at your place, I can locate and book a room at a safe and discrete hotel near you at the outcall rate for that locaton with 30% deposit+hotel rate.

(All donations are based upon location. Please check for the proper rate.)

Priority is given to booking forms, P411 requests, emails, and texts (in that order).

For numbers outside of the US: WhatsApp at (561) 399-1492 or email me.

There are 4 ways to successfully complete screening:

  1. Fastest, Easiest, and Most Discreet:

    • You may send me a connection request from your professional LinkedIn account to www.linkedin.com/in/sexxysharice along with the below form. All I do is verify that it is a legitimate account (having 300+ connections), and you are who you say you are. I will immediately decline the request and no interaction between our accounts is ever documented.I will not accept any sloppy or sketchy looking profiles.)


  2. Discreet But Not as Quick:

    • If you have met with other ladies within the past year, I will accept two or more references along with the name/alias you use with them, your phone number, and email. Your references must be reputable and have active websites or ads. I only accept references from independent companions, no agencies. I always recommend providing more than two references in case one does not respond.


  3. For Those on Preferred411:

    • If you have a p411 account with over 2 okays in the last year, you can request an appointment through https://preferred411.com/P37989 . This approach is quick, safe, and very efficient.


  4. Last Resort (For those with not enough connections on LinkedIn or "First-Timers"):

    • I accept pictures or scans of government-issued ID through email and text. Acceptable government-issued photo IDs are:

      • Driver's licenses or Passports

      • U.S. military IDs (active duty or retired military, and DoD civilians)

If you have no plans on physically abusing me or threatening my livelihood, then you have nothing to worry about.
I discard of all personal information at the end of our tryst unless you clearly specify that you would like to use me as a reference to other providers. Otherwise, you may rest assured that I will not allow your personal information to crowd up my inbox or my phone. I need that storage for my selfies and music. All jokes aside, though, I love what I do and have no need to deceive anyone, let alone ruin my business. If I wanted to scam you, why would I put these many deterrents in your way?

Besides you show strangers your ID all the time to buy alcohol, tobacco, to get inside your favorite club, etc. What is the difference this time?

Whether you’re meeting me or any of my pretty lady friends, please make sure to always check out the donations page when available before asking this question. We do not discuss this information through email or telephone for safety and neither should you.

Please note: donations vary by location

How does that saying go: "You get what you pay for"... Well I do offer longer sessions at significantly reduced rates, for a better deal.

No. I’m 100% independent. I do not have a boyfriend, husband, pimp or "manager". I created my entire website, all my ads, and respond to my own calls and all my email communications. When we meet, it’s just you and I.

I absolutely understand that life happens, flights get delayed, hurricanes form, children get sick , and meetings go over time. Therefore, there is no cancellation fee as long as you cancel or reschedule over 24 hours in advance. Cancellations within 24 hours will require a re-booking fee of 25% of the original booked total in order to schedule a date with me again. If you pull a No Call/No Show, that's 100% of the original booked total. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in blacklisting and any future plans to meet with me will be denied. 

Certainly! If I am visiting you anywhere that is not your home, please get acquainted with the establishments’ policies regarding parking, front door, and elevator access.

The donation for our engagement should be placed in an unsealed envelope upon the start of our meeting and left in clear view for me to see, preferably in the restroom. Please do not make me ask for it as it is potentially unsafe and can put a damper on both of our experiences.

If our date was pleasant, and you proved to be a kind and respectful person, you are more than welcome to use my information to give to other providers. I will not feel cheated on or scorned. I do what I do because it’s fun to me and so should you. Give me a heads up if your appointment is within 3 days so I can respond on time.

Yes. Please give me 24-48 hours to respond to a request for an Okay.

Message me from your account on P411 to give an Okay.

Same day appointments can be available if I am within your area and not busy. I require at least 2-4 hours notice for same day appointments. Same day appointments for new clientele will be accepted with driver’s license, Linkedin or by placing a "good faith" deposit. No exceptions.

Please take into account that, although I’m willing to travel all over the South Florida and Naples area, I reside in Fort Lauderdale near the beach. Please plan accordingly for your convenience and mine.

I prefer by appointment. However, I am able to do same-day appointments, after you have been screened and verified. 

(All donations are based upon location. Please check for the proper rate.)

If it is any time between 11pm to 6am, I am probably asleep. Any other times, I may be unable to answer or away from my phone. Simply leave a text in any case I do not answer. I'm more likely to see my text messages come thru before I see any missed calls. Please note: any voicemails may not be heard for a while, as I rarely check my voicemail box. Text or email me.

Unfortunately, I have actually caught dangerous individuals trying to schedule a meeting with me. I simply request information that is publicly listed (i.e., your employment info) so that I can verify that you are who you claim to be. I understand and respect that your privacy is of utmost importance but my safety is just as important. I would be more than happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement if necessary, after my lawyer reviews it.

More options for screening are:

Send your photo ID to my email or text with name, age and photo visible.


You can send a selfie with deposit to show that you are serious: Venmo @SexxySharice

No, not at all. Unless we have not spent time together within the last 6 months and you are not a regular client.

Any medium of exchange used for the attainment or intent to attain legal adult personal services is simply for the time spent in the delivery of companionship. Please go to donations for rates and packages.

This one makes me giggle a little because I am not for everyone and I will not meet everyone.
But if you want me like you want those new shoes or Rolex, you will. So heres my most humblest responses:


Response #1: If you want price matching go to Walmart or Best Buy.

Response #2: Then call up so-and-so provider. Why are you calling me?


***Nothing turns me off more than haggling. Using this approach will definitely ensure we will never meet.***

New friends are required to pay cash. I love gifts, and if you’d like to check out my Wishlist for ideas, you may go here. Consider yourself warned: it’s mostly tech stuff, hair supplies anmd shoes lol.

I do not accept gift cards or presents in lieu of compensation. I cannot eat them sexy Louboutins and only have so much closet space. Also, they totally depreciate.

I am based in Fort Lauderdale, FL near the 95 and 595 so traveling to most major cities does not take too long. However, depending on the time of day, I may be out and about closer to or further from your location. I ask that you give at least 2-4 hours notice for same day appointments.

Generally, I'm 30-40 minutes from Boca and Palm Beach nad 30-40 minutes from South Beach and Downttown Brickell.

Absolutely not! Not only is that not my caliber or taste of any type of date, but I'm claustrophobic and do not feel well in small spaces.

And lastly, I am black and we do not like mosquitos and outdoors. Period.

Absolutely. If I do not have any previous commitments and we share some chemistry, you can certainly extend our date. However, my time is the commodity that I’m providing, therefore, DO NOT ASK ME TO GO OVERTIME WITHOUT COMPENSATION OR ASK TO SPEND TIME OR JOIN YOU FOR LUNCH “OFF THE CLOCK”. Doing this will ruin a perfect date, make me feel disrespected, and I will not see you again or provide positive feedback if you use me as a reference.

I accept reviews granted that they are tasteful and not obscene. Understand that activities I may be comfortable doing with you, like dinner, sleepovers, or road trips, might differ from those I may be comfortable doing with anyone reading your review of me, especially if I’ve never met them.

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